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How Do You Stop Someone from Snoring?

Posted by Jimmy Steindecker on

How Do You Stop Someone from Snoring?

Snoring isn’t a problem in-and-of-itself, but sleeping in the same room with someone who snores can be an issue. It’s said that Tom Cruise snores so loud that when he was married to Katie Holmes sometimes she had to leave the room to be able to get a good night sleep.

If someone’s snoring keeps you up at night, here are a few handy tips from Comfitude that just might help.

Change the Snorer’s Position

The position of the body plays a huge role in whether or not you snore. When you lie down on your back, the base of your tongue and soft palate come together and can cause you to snore. This can easily be fixed by sleeping on your side or stomach.

Has the Snorer in Your Life Gained Weight Recently?

While anyone can be a snorer, significant weight gain can sometimes cause someone to start snoring even if they previously did not. If the snorer in your life has recently packed on a few pounds, losing weight may reduce (and sometimes eliminate) the problem all together. Of course, if the weight gain is due to pregnancy, you may need to give the snorer a pass for a few months.

Avoid Alcohol and Other Sedatives Before Bed

When you ingest alcohol or other sedatives, it changes the resting tone of the muscles in the back of your throat – increasing the likelihood that you’ll start snoring. If your partner already snores, drinking alcohol 4 to 5 hours before bed will likely make it worse. Even a person who doesn’t snore at all can, and often will, start doing it if they drink too close to bed time.

Improve Overall Sleep with a Weighted Blanket

Hopefully, these tips will help you silence the snorer in your life (even if it’s you). Stopping someone from snoring can help increase your quality of rest each and every night, and so can a weighted blanket from Comfitude. Research has shown that the use of a weighted blanket can not only help you get to sleep faster, but can help you sleep longer and deeper, too. It might take a little trial and error to get someone to stop snoring, but in the end you’ll both be happier. With a weighted blanket from Comfitude, you’ll sleep better, too.

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