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Why should I get a Comfitude weighted blanket or comforter?
Comfitude premium-grade therapeutic weighted blankets and comforters are designed to gently distribute deep pressure across your body. They are engineered to be about 8-15% of your body weight, providing the right amount of deep touch pressure stimulation (DTPS) to help you relax.

What is it like to use a Comfitude weighted blanket or comforter?
When you cover yourself with a Comfitude weighted blanket or comforter, you'll have a secure feeling, much like being hugged or cuddled. Many people report sleeping better under their weighted Comfitude blanket or comforter.

What is the right Comfitude blanket weight for me?
We recommend a blanket weight of about 8 to 15% of an adult's body weight.
Use this guide to select the right blanket weight for you:

80-115 lbs.: 10 lb. blanket
115-150 lbs.: 15 lb. blanket
Over 150 lbs.: 20 lb. blanket

What is the right Comfitude comforter weight for me?
Comfitude comforters come in three sizes, each with its own standard weight. Because these comforters cover more area than our blankets, especially the Full/Queen and King sizes, they weigh a bit more to achieve the same relaxing deep touch pressure stimulation (DTPS) effect.

How large are Comfitude blankets and comforters?
The Comfitude blanket is 48” by 74” – the length of a twin bed but about 10” wider. The blanket is sized for individual use in order to maximize its benefits.

Comfitude comforters come in three sizes –Twin (60" by 90"), Full/Queen (90" by 90") and King (106" by 96") – perfect for sharing!

Is the Comfitude blanket too warm to use in the summer?
The Comfitude velvet weighted blanket has a natural cotton shell, making it suitable for year-round use.

The zippered cover of our faux fur weighted blanket can easily be removed for use in the warmer months.

How should I care for my Comfitude blanket or comforter?
The quilted outer layer of our blankets is machine washable and dryer safe. Our comforters are dry clean only; however, the recommended duvet cover is machine washable.

How long will it take to receive my Comfitude product?
All of our items are in stock unless otherwise indicated, and will ship within 48-72 hours of your order.

Once your order has been shipped, you'll receive a shipping confirmation and tracking number.

Where are Comfitude products made?
Our blankets and comforters are manufactured in China, and shipped to you from our warehouse in Saugerties, N.Y.